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 Current WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko is in Mexico for discussions with WBC President Jose Sulaiman about his mandatory fight, because he's hurt his right hand in training.
Vitali said he's hoping physiotherapy will render surgery unnecessary. The right hand currently appears swollen and puffy, below the wrist, with a mouse like lump.
The champion stressed he won't be able to fight Bern Stiverne on the date scheduled for his mandatory.
Don Jose Sulaiman said that the Board of Governors will meet to discuss the situation.
The great champion thanked the WBC for the constancy of its support, saying its a family for him and for hundreds of boxers all around the world, and this makes him proud.
Vitali explains that he wants to keep participating in politics and run for the presidency of his country the Ukraine in 2015. And that boxing has greatly helped prepare him for this other life due to the strategy, work, discipline, dedication honesty and team work ethics which are essential to be successful.
He stressed what's much more important than one person being president, is to improve the lives of Ukranians with a more efficient economy, modernization, more jobs and better opportunities for the future.  
About possible retirement, Vitali Klitschko who's looking great, said he’s not thinking about it despite his age (42). He still feels fighting fit, and will know when it's time to call it a day.
Vitali also stressed the fact that He and Wladimir hold all the boxing belts in the heavyweight division is a dream realized. But he himself holds the principal one, which is green and gold. And he'd love Wladimir to be WBC Champion when he hangs up his gloves.







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