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Forever faithful,  Santiago Tianguistenco will celebrate the life and times of its most famous son Salvador Sanchez through a tribute on August 12, marking the thirty sixth anniversary of his untimely death, as announced by his brother Sulio Sánchez.
As always , the day will begin with a Mass in the famous Church of Santa Maria del Buen Suceso located in the town square where Salvador was baptized and near where he was laid to rest  on August 15, 1982 with more than 50,000 people attending his final farewell..
After the Mass, a brief ceremony will be held in the cemetery in front of the tomb of Salvador where family and friends gather to sing songs and share some words and anecdotes with an all time and forever Mexican Boxing Great.  
To conclude the celebration and as Salvador would have wanted, there will be an amateur boxing card and the traditional food, served by the Sanchez family for all attendees for free.
For Sulio it is very important to continue with this tradition because it is not only to remember his beloved brother, who has now passed into legend, but also to bring the people of Tianguistenco together, to  one of the most noble sports and to which Salvador gave himself body and soul.

Born in Santiago Tianguistenco, Mexico; Salvador Sanchez was attracted, initially by wrestling, but manager Agustin Palacios Rivera discovered his prodigious talent for boxing so he decided to make him his pupil and taught him the basics of this sport.
After a brief but successful amateur career, Salvador debuted on May 4, 1975 in the beautiful port of Veracruz against Al Gardeno whom he dispatched in the third round.
Salvador went on to amass a record of 44 won fights, 32 of them by way of the knockout, a draw and only one defeat, very early in his career.
He faced down and overwhelmed tough as old boots Danny "Coloradito" López winning the WBC crown on February 2, 1980, a title he successfully defended on 9 occasions against extraordinary opponents such as: the undefeated Patrick Ford, the teak hard Juan La Porte, Roberto Castañón, the power punching and up to then undefeated Wilfredo Gómez, wily Pat Cowdell; Jorge Garcia and a young Azumah Nelson, who himself went on to become a three time world champion.
An even more glittering and wondrous future lay ahead... but destiny via fate cruelly intervened and cut short the life of the still very young but none the less Absolutely Great and Gifted Salvador Sanchez.  Rest in Peace Dear Champ.


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